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Aug 12, 2009 8:00pm EDT
america who have been inspired by her exceptional life story. we celebrate the greatness of the country in which such a story is possible. and we celebrate how with their overwhelming vote to confirm justice sotomayor the united states senate, republicans and democrats, tore down yet one more barrier to affirm our belief that in america the doors of opportunity must be open to all. and what that what, the senate look beyond the old division and they embraced excellence. they recognized justice sotomayor's intellect, ability, and presence of mind. a response -- her responsibility to each role in government. her fidelity to the law in each case that she hears, and her dedication to protecting our core constitutional rights and liberties. justice william brennan said that in order to ensure all these rights for all sentence, we must be attentive to the concrete reality is at stake in the decision before then. they must understand the pulse of life beneath the official version of events. justice sotomayor understands those realities because she has witnessed them firsthand. as a prosecutor,
Aug 3, 2009 10:00am EDT
. >> public money, and i'm sure. >> my taxes? >> america's cable companies greeted c-span as a public service, a private business initiative, no government mandate or money -- that was held c-span was created. >> congress has delayed action on health care until after the august recess. this morning, we talk about this on "washington journal." host: tell us about the progress that was made on monday and what the senate may or may not be doing. guest: the house energy and commerce committee was able to pass the house democrats' version of health reform bill. they have been having a bit of trouble all along the way with some of the more conservative democrats, but they were able to make some deals and the house should take it up when they return from recess. the senate finance committee is working on a bipartisan health care bill right now and they will be working on this all week. i do not expect to see a final bill from them this week. aba proposal or something like that, but nothing complete. they have sent us a deadline of the 15th. probably after the recess. host: what about the fact that t
Aug 12, 2009 11:00pm EDT
of which i think we must respect. >> beth mendelsohn with voice of america, the afghanistan service. if one of the candidates doesn't get 50% and this goes into a second round and things get complicated there, what are the constitutional laws that are in place? can karzai call the loya jirga? and also if it goes the way some of the things did in iran, what is the united states prepared to do in these circumstances? >> rinna? >> i'd like barney to comment on this as well. if there is a security situation then there are stipulations where a loya jirga can be called. but i'd like barney to speak in more detail about this as well. >> well, i'm not sure what your question is about. according to the constitution if no one gets more than 50% of the vote, then a second round has to be held within two weeks of the date of announce mentd of the result. perhaps your question is what is -- if there is civil conflict and it is not possible to do that. we of course do not want to address hypothetical questionsb3 like that. there is an international presence in afghan government that is our partner and if
Aug 8, 2009 10:00pm EDT
holding a bible, sonia sotomayor was sworn in this morning as america's 111th supreme court justice. chief justice john roberts administered the judicial oath during a public ceremony in the high court's conference room. it was the first time the court allowed tv coverage of a swearing-in ceremony. in spanish harlem, there was an enthusiastic viewing party. sotomayor is the first hispanic supreme court justice in u.s. history, and she's only the third woman to serve on the nation's high court, which is set to hear arguments in september, on september 9th in a campaign finance case. and coming in october, cnn will present "latino in esamerica," look at how hispanics are reshaping politics, business, schools and culture. in october only on cnn. >>> and there's been an alarming spike in iranian executions. the cause is unclear but it seems to have coincided with the re-election of disputed president ahmadinejad. amnesty international said there have been no less than 115 executions in iran in the past 50 days. now, it says, 24 of them occurred in one single day. we haven't been able to reach
Aug 6, 2009 4:30am EDT
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Aug 6, 2009 11:35pm EDT
that looks like something out of a science fiction movie may yet help power america's future with the key ingredient beneath a salty landscape. jeffrey kofman now reports from boliv bolivia's uyuni salt flats. >> the car we travelled in for ten bone rattling hours runs on gas, but if the story you're about to see comes true, one day fairly soon this car will be obsolete. that is why we made this long trek to one of the most remote places on earth, a place that holds a greener future for our planet. there it is. two miles above sea level in the andes mountains. one of the most stunning landscapes anywhere. it may look like snow, but that is salt. bolivia's uyuni salt flats, the largest in the world. where do you stay when you're visiting these remote salt flats? where else but a place called the salty moon. around here, that is much more than a catchy name. >> uyuni really is all about salt. the walls of the hotel are built of brick of salts and the table is blocks of salt. even the floor, salt. you don't believe me question? salty. out on the sat flats t only people you find are salt gath
Aug 6, 2009 1:00pm EDT
.p. morgan doing 20% of their mortgages. down towards the bottom, you have bank of america and wells fargo at 4% and 6%. host: let's put the basics backs on the table. it is called what? guest: under the umbrella of making home affordable, at the peace we are focusing on is the home affordable modification program. it is what buyers do if they are running into problems. they call their letter and say they want a hempo modifications . the servicer will figure out how much you can pay. the point is to get your monthly payments down to 31% of your income. host: how much money was set aside for this and how was it used? guest: they set aside a certain amount. there are several pieces to this. there is an incentive payment for each loan that gets modified that is successful. then there are annual payments of $1,000 as long as the lone state's current. the bar were actually gets money towards their payments going to pay down their principal. -- the bowerer actually gets money towards their payments. the servicer will reduce their payment to 38% and the government will split the difference with t
Aug 1, 2009 8:00pm EDT
a great story it is for america, and what a great story it is that president obama would give us a chance to consider judge sotomayor to serve as the first hispanic woman on the united states supreme court. for many who oppose judge sotomayor, her life achievements and her judicial record are just not good enough. after poring over 3,000 court decisions and hundreds of her speeches, judge sotomayor's critics focused their opposition primarily, not exclusively, but primarily on one case, the ricci case, and on one sentence from one speech. i hope someone was keeping track of how many times those three words wise latina woman were quoted during the course of this hearing. senator after senator asked her what did you really, really, really mean with those three words over and over again. we are senators who live in a world of decisions and votes every day, and we understand when our decisions and votes are questioned and challenged often in an unfair fashion. if we vote in a way that's controversial, we ask that people be fair and judge us on our life's work, not on a single vote. it's a sta
Aug 5, 2009 12:00pm EDT
in america" truly applied to judge sotomayor and i can say that with a special understanding. humble beginnings were the touch stones that enabled each of us to achieve beyond any parents' dream. i grew up in patterson, new jersey, hard scrabble mill town and our family lacked resources but left inheritance of valuabls with no valuables. my parents sought an opportunity in this country to be free and make a living. we were obligated, if we had the opportunity, to make sure we gave something back to the community in which we lived. judge sotomayor's family moved here if puerto rico and she grew up in a housing project where she saw upfront and close the struggles of people living in poor areas. like my father, judge sotomayor's dad died at a very young age and her mother, like mind, became a widow at a very young age. and she became a single mother, like mind. judge sotomayor's mother had to raise her and her brother in the face of available, social, and financial adversity. in fact, her mother worked two jobs to supports her children and despite the many difficulties, judge sotomayor
Aug 6, 2009 9:00am EDT
commitment come up. >> this is not the america i knew. i don't want it going his way. this administration is nuts. enough is enough. >> democrats want to win virginia to show that obama and the agenda is still popular. republicans want to win virginia in order to show they are on the rebound and on the comeback trail. >> the republican leading deeds. we will see whether the president's appearance tonight changes the poll numbers. what we know is president obama's approval rating in virginia is on the decline according to one poll by public policy polling. it comes as mr. obama is set to campaign today with deeds. with me now is democratic commentator vick hamber and we have reynard jackson with us also. the numbers are mr. obama's popularity is only at 42% in the commonwealth. this is a state he carried in 2008. so what is happening, vick. >> people are coming home to their normal party. it is six months later. we have economic problems. all the problems haven't been solved in the six months he's been president so i think it is a natural. if you look at the polling numbers where mr. bush
Aug 6, 2009 7:00pm EDT
of the book "the battle for america" join us later. >>> also, sonia sotomayor was confirmed late today by a vote of 68-31. nine republicans voted for her, and every democrat present. could that cause trouble for the republicans with latino votes next november? we'll look at that in "the politics fix." >>> and what american political celebrity was offered 40 cows and 20 goats for some guy to marry their daughter? and who said it was up to the daughter to decide? that's in tonight's "hardball sideshow." >>> we begin with the president's slipping approval ratings. now down to 50% in a new poll. patrick buchanan is an msnbc political analyst and bob shrum is a democratic analyst. let's take a look. here the quinnipiac poll numbers to look at. approve the president's performance, 50%. disapprove, 42%. that compares to only a month ago and just a month ago to 57% positive, 33% negative. now, let's look at the source of this. the quinn pi yak poll asks people how is the president handling the health care issue. there you have it, 39%. very, very low for an issue he really campaigned on. 52% o
Aug 6, 2009 10:00pm EDT
of america's top enemies in afghanistan and pakistan. first, it is a "360" exclusive. in her first interview since her sister's return, lisa ling tonight joining us on "360" to talk about what's happened since her sister laura and her colleague, euna lee, came home from north korea. how they're re-adjusting and how euna's 4-year-old daughter hana is doing now that mommy is finally home. former president bill children securing their release. he spoke publicly about that trip for the first time today. but frankly, said very little. >> i wanted those young women to be able to come home. and i wanted our two countries to have the ability to decide where to go from here. it would be wrong for me to say any more. the young women can speak for themselves about their experiences. the pictures were worth a million words yesterday. i'm glad i could be of some help. >> pictures which seemed to capture the heart of a nation. since then, both families have been out of the public eye. tonight, though, lisa ling has been kind enough to give us a window into the moments since that plane touched down and som
Aug 3, 2009 7:00am EDT
care in america. the previous caller hit the nail on the head when he said that wall street has taken over our health care, taking away from the people and giving it to the dollar profits. now we have a mess. and thank you, sis and. guest: as -- thank you, c-span. guest: it has not been in a huge issue for health reform so far, it has ballooned in the background. i think that it is something that could crop up, especially when the finance bill comes out. host: ted, calling on the democratic line from clinton, maryland. caller: good morning? can you hear me? host: yes, weekend. -- we can. caller: un this lady keep repeating the fact that the government -- you and this lady keep repeating the fact that the government ran out of money for cash for clunkers, but that does not mean that it was not successful. the larger issue is that the american people are being used and misused by the press and public authority. we have a health care bill in this country of $10.50 trillion per year. 30% goes to the insurance companies. that is $770 billion. that money could be used to help the president
FOX News
Aug 8, 2009 7:00pm EDT
read it earlier. the america i know and love is not one in which my parents or baby with down syndrome will have to stand in front of obama's death penalty for she calls itself as bureaucrats can decide whether they are worthy of healthcare. such a system is downright evil. doesn't hurt republicans of her statements like that made by a former public and governor of alaska? the tensions entitled to say it anyway she wants to and that's what america is about is letting people speak their mind. i think the3ik.2u-'fkñ]suñb'!1 when i was told i had diabetes, i felt amazingly boxed in. (announcer) joe uses the contour meter from bayer. (joe) my meter absolutely adapts to me and my lifestyle. i'm joe james, and being outside of the box is my simple win. (announcer) now available in five vibrant colors. >> julie: from humble beginnings in a new york housing market to the united states supreme court, justice sonia sotomayor reaching the peak of her profession today as she was sworn in to sit on the nation's highest court. >> under the constitution and laws of united states. >> so help me god.
Aug 6, 2009 10:00pm EDT
reduced to tears because she fears her america has been taken away. >> i am an american citizen. i hate what my america has turned into. i want it back. i don't think representatives and senators are going to be able to do it. i'm scared. >> we talk tonight with our own jonathan alters. is the fear, is that scare that is in evidence at that meeting and other town hall meetings, is it about the health care plan or fear and anger about the man who won the presidential election november last? and is there an odd sense here we could have been looking at these side yos from something that came from a mccain/palin rally? >> it does seem reminiscent of some of those rallies. they are right on the edge there advocating violence or other kind of things. there is kind of a crack in the commonsense of america right now. in some ways this is good for passage of the bill. if we didn't hear about all this and the anger and wackiness of some of these town meetings, we might confuse what is going on there with american public opinion. we are now at a point where we are beyond that. i think in some ways
Aug 2, 2009 8:00pm EDT
, about 50 pages. i read them, and at the time at rutgers, i'd teach a class called "murder in america." when i saw that he had been murdered, the intrigue of it was that his three doctors were three of the best physicians and the united states and they really messed up the investigation and the autopsy. knowing how hot forensics this, i thought this would be really interesting to apply this to an old murder case and then to probe the other areas of the case that were so surprising. >> did you decide right there on the spot to do that? >> i did. i told my wife that it hit me in the head. she said that that was a great idea and i should pursue that. >> how long did it take them to buy your book? >> i think a couple of months and then it took nearly a year to write it. >> how did you go about writing it? >> very carefully. i went down to williamsburg to the college of william and mary to the rockefeller library and i went to the state library of virginia in richmond and the richmond historical association. then, the rutgers library and a couple of other places. i did a lot of medical res
Aug 4, 2009 9:00am EDT
daughter had achieved. what a great story it is for america. and what a great story it is that president obama would give us a chance to consider judge sotomayor to serve as the first hispanic woman on the united states supreme court. for many who oppose judge sotomayor, her life achievements and her judicial record are just not good enough. after pouring over 3,000 court decisions and hundreds of her speeches, judge sotomayor's critics focus their opposition primarily, not exclusively, but primarily on one case, the rich ricci and one sentence from one speech. i hope someone was keeping track how many times those three words, wise latina woman, were quoted during the course of this hearing. senator after senator asked her what did you really, really, really mean with those three words? over and over and over again. we are senators who live in a world of decisions and votes everyday. and we understand when our decisions and votes are questioned and challenged often in a an unfair fashion. if we vote in a way that's controversial we ask that people be fair and judge us on our life's work,
Aug 6, 2009 7:00am EDT
that united america. after sputnik, we went to pick the moon. ronald reagan rally in the country to end communism. you can think of george bush's cry in 2001 that we would defeat -- lead a global war on terrorism and extremism. it is interesting, the last one, the war on terrorism seems to have lost some of that national feeling. when you do polling, you see people not as invested in the success of afghanistan and iraq and other places where we are fighting were secretly, such as the horn of africa. yet in our strategic interest, clearly fighting terrorism will remain the big issue. he what is the next big national issue? what can president obama defined as the national agenda? he tried very much to make health care that. in the last press conference he said it is intimately tied to your own personal future as an american. but we have not seen americans rally around that idea yet as a national cause. this is something president obama and his allies will try to do. he will try to cast the health care debate as important as going to the moon or defeating communism or terrorism you will se
FOX News
Aug 3, 2009 7:16pm EDT
on the television show america's most wanted. police say they hope new tips will lead them to for rest's killer. the boxer's former manager says seeing the video is bitter sweet. >> it was bitter, you know, to see, you know, my brother, my best friend, you know, having to chase somebody down. to get killed. but it was sweet to know that they are progressing. >> may have been involved. as investors lost countless fortunes over the past few months. many have also lost something a sense of trust bernie madoff. accused of ripping off their clients and now as a result, some investors are hiring private detectives to investigate the people handling their money. sandra smith from the fox business network is with us. you know, who can blame them? >> yeah, bernie madoff scared a lot of people, period. so what happens happening now is we are seeing a loft investors large and small, they are going out and hiring private investigators, trying to get them to help them do the due diligence before they turn cash over to be invested with the fun manager. private investigators, they are being asked to get refer
Aug 12, 2009 9:00am EDT
in just a minute. >>> and some packing heat. and militias in america are on the rise. what is going on? is it the economy? are they angry with liberals, or angry over a black president? we will discuss that. >>> and the transportation secretary wants answers when passengers are trapped on a tar mat. how long is too log to be stuck on a plane? what are your rights once you board a plane. >>> and economists say the recession is over. what does it mean for your house or job or 401(k)? it's 9:00 a.m. pull up a share and join the "morning meeting." >>> good morning to you. lots of democracy with town halls and other events being held across the married. contessa setting things up. >> nearly two dozen health care events scheduled for today. they are poe ttentially facing with more protestors. and democrats and republicans are following arlen specter's lead holding town halls. and some of the moments, they got wild, not so much the president's town hall, but people have to fight to be heard. angry protesters shouted down senator claire mccaskill yesterday. >> i don't understand the rudeness.
Aug 12, 2009 5:00pm EDT
celebrate the impact justice sotomayor has already had on people across america who have been inspired by her exceptional life storymen story. we celebrate the greatness of a country in which such a story is possible. and we celebrate how with their overwhelming vote to confirm justice sotomayor, the united states senate, republicans and democrats, tore down yet one more barrier and affirmed our belief that in america, the doors of opportunity must be open to all. and with that vote, the senate looked beyond the old divisions and they embraced excellence. they recognized justice sotomayor's intellect, her integrity, and her independence of mind, her respect for the proper role of each branch of government, her fidelity to the law in each case that she hears, and her devotion to protecting our core constitutional rights and liberties. now, justice william brennan once said that in order for government to ensure those rights for all its citizens, government officials must be attentive to the concrete human realities at stake in the decisions they make. they must understand, as justice br
Aug 2, 2009 7:00am EDT
that freedom and choice is what america has thrived on, and spread it around the world. going back to government control and everybody in taking all our money is not going to solve anything. host: caller, it is over to the sentiment by the cia director that it is time to move on to the business of protecting the country and not dwell on the past. caller: absolutely, absolutely. we are in a place where nobody has ever been before, and going back to the past is not going to help. host: thanks for calling. pablo on the line for democrats from brownsville, texas. caller: there are issues that have never even been discussed. host: like what? caller: there is a lot of secrecy and the cia and it goes back to a lot of people in my family who are now gone and not on this earth, but they worked for the defense department. there is something critical here. do we want the truth on everything? we want accountability. accountability to the people, our congress, and to our president. period. it is that simple. god bless you c-span for everything you do for public information and for freedom of sp
Aug 5, 2009 7:00am EDT
an alternative energy project. the debate of sonia sotomayor will continue also, young america's foundation host its 31st annual student conference. congress does on healtbreak as healthcare heats up. in "the n.y. times close-" -- clinton secures two pardons from north korea -- that is in "the n.y. times." six months later it says here that obama returns with an approval rating of 56%. he is expected to tout his economic stimulus plan to kill us growth. he will announce manufacturing plants, but officials say there are successes to highlight locally, signaling that the times are getting better. it says that it is great that he can return to committees he cares so much about and see signs of success. i hope that he will go way encouraged, and he should. there are encouraging indicators that the economy is turning around, but the battle is far from over. long term there is reason to be optimistic, but still thousands of unemployed in this county begun until all are back to work, he does not think anyone can say it is all behind. on the phone now is a reporter for elkhart, indiana. what do you expe
Aug 4, 2009 11:00pm EDT
the states and that means any city or state in america if her opinion is upheld what can ban all guns in the jurisdictions. and if her opinion is not reversed that is what will happen in america and i would note the supreme court in ruling on that case, the hell lowercase but told clearly for the first time the second amendment is an individual right and applied to the district of columbia which effectively band firearms in the district of columbia and they said that was not constitutional, that the citizens of the district have a constitutional right to keep and bear arms and it cannot be eliminated so if the sotomayor opinion is upheld i can only say the second amendment be viable in the district of columbia and now the other cities and states in the country. madam president, with regard to the takings case one of the most significant taking cases in recent years she ruled against a private land owner who had his property taken and he intended to build a pharmacy. a developer working with the city utilized the power of the city to attempt to extort money from the individual so that
Aug 5, 2009 9:00am EDT
the prospect of a woman of puerto rican heritage serving on the supreme court says a lot about america. says a lot about america. >> judge sotomayor has achieved academic and professional success, and i alaud her -- applaud her public service. but in the end her record creates too many conflicts with fundamental principles about the judiciary in which i deeply believe. i do not have -- it did not have to be this way. president obama could have taken a very positive step for our country by choosing a his tannic -- hispanic nominee whom all senators could support. president obama could have done so, and i regret he did not. i commend the ranking member of the judiciary committee senators leahy and sessions for conducting a fair and thorough confirmation hearing. judge sotomayor herself said the hearing was as gracious and fair as she could have asked for. i evaluate judicial nominees by focusing on qualifications which include not only legal experience, but more importantly judicial philosophy. judge sotomayor's approach to judging is more important to me than her resumÉ. i ask consent to put
FOX News
Aug 8, 2009 10:30am EDT
of the most difficult and dangerous jobs in the country. and that is protecting america is a borders and would you believe it takes 20,000 u.s. border patrol agents to monitor what is coming in and out of the country, every, single day. and obviously, with all of that manpower needed, the department of homeland security is constantly looking for new recruits and more and more of them are coming out of this program, and the learning for life explorer program. sponsored by the boy scouts of america, high school students all around the country get the chance to experience a realistic border patrol training academy. the idea, not only to teach them life skills, but to also get them up close and personal with real life border patrol agents, and the scenarios they encounter. >> they have classes in ethics. officer integrity. morals. officer safety. they also learn how to be part of a team. we do team-building exercises and in the they participate in training classes for specific categories, like what you saw today, marijuana field raid, or a felony hot stop. >> reporter: the roughly 145,000 kids go
Aug 6, 2009 6:00pm EDT
at 6:00. 2009 is an historic year for america. the senate confirmed judge sonia sotomayor to that supreme court. >> she will become the first hispanic to serve on the high court. we begin on capitol hill tonight. >> today's centistoke -- senate vote comes today. >> the nomination of sonia sotomayor of new york to be an associate justice of the supreme court of the united states is confirmed. >> an historic moment capitol hill as senators voted to confirm judge sonia sotomayor as the first latina's supreme court justice. >> this is a wonderful day for judge sotomayor and her family. i also think it is a wonderful day for america. >> president obama's first supreme court pick was widely -- critics repeatedly questioned her impartiality. thursday's final debate, the return to the president's comment that he wanted a just as with into the spirit >> the power to rule on empathy is the power to rule on prejudice. >> unfortunately, judge sotomayor's speeches and writings reveal a judicial philosophy that highlights the importance of personal preferences and believes. >> her suppo
Aug 6, 2009 11:00pm EDT
the best man perched state in america. >> president obama also congratulated frigid and democrats for being the number one state to do business in. president obama's approval rating has continued to drop nationwide, something that bob mcdonnell will probablmention on saturday when he gives his address. >>> virginia voters appeared to be split on their approval of president obama. and new survey shows 42% of those polled approve of the president, 51% disapprove. at the margin of error is plus/minus 4.1%. >>> the senate passed a bill pumping an additional $2 billion and its cash for clunkers program, voting just before leaving on their august recess. the house approved additional funding last week. the president is expected to sign the bill which will allow the program to continue. >>> the other big vote, the historic confirmation of sonia sotomayor, the nation's first hispanic justice to serve on the supreme court. the votes were 68-31. while the confirmation was never in doubt, it is still one for the history books. iwith that, sonia sotomayor became the first hispanic and the third woman t
Aug 3, 2009 12:00pm EDT
of the national urban league. [applause] i would be remiss-- i am told that america's mayor, mayor daley is in the audience here. i can't see up here mr. mayor bud if you are here thanks for the passport to come into town. there you are, mr. mayor, thank you very, very much. [applause] i understand that my colleague and a fellow a administration official, who he said jackson is here, the minister of the epa to is one of the best editions that the cabinet has made and i think, as she will tell you, i didn't make the new jersey governor capri-- cappi because i was her biggest booster to come and run the whole show so i am glad you are here. she really knows what she is doing. [applause] and a guide that, if i could do my job one tenth as well as he did his and does hismanal i would go down in the history books, but i don't have the talent he has, magic johnson. magic, just touch me, will you? just touch me. [applause] ladies and gentlemen, for 99 years, 99 years the urban league has been at this and after 99 years you have shaped the lives of millions of americans as well as american histo
Aug 8, 2009 12:00pm EDT
incumbent upon me as associate justice of the supreme court of the united states of america. under the constitution and laws of the united states. so help me god. >> congratulations and welcome to the court. >> lots of firsts taking place today. it's the first swearing in to be televised. this one taking place at the white house. that's why we go to elaine. the first hispanic american. give me an idea what meeting will take place between she and the president? >> that's right. of course this is a huge victory for president obama, his first high court appointee getting sworn in today. an emotional moment, first of all, as sonia sotomayor was sworn in by chief justice roberts and her mother and brother looking on there. for his part, president obama did not attend. why is that? the president himself wanted this to take place at the supreme court itself, not the white house. it has been done in the past, because he wanted to send a message about the court and the symbol of the court's independence, according to court and legal sources. instead, there will be a reception for now justic
Aug 7, 2009 1:00am EDT
will be taken away but she fears her america has been taken away. >> i cannot believe america has turned into what it has turned into, and -- i don't think they're going to be able to do it. i'm scared. >> we all are. >> much to talk about with our own john nin alter, senior editor of "newsweek" magazine. thanks for coming in. >> thank you have that scare, that evidence at that town hall meeting and others about the health care plan negotiated by congress or fear and anger about the man who won the presidential election november, last, and is there an odd sense we could have been looking at these videos at something that might have came from a mccain/palin rally? >> right on the edge there of advocating violence, or other kinds of things. there is a kind of crack in the common sense of america right now. you're starting to see that. but in some ways this is. >> for passage of the bill, because if we didn't hear about all this and the anger and wackiness of some of these town meetings, we might actually confuse what's going on there with american public opinion, and we're now at a point i
Aug 6, 2009 9:00pm EDT
. now dare robert gishs suggest he's not just a regular guy, and totally unrelated news, america's health insurance plans, the national association that representses more than 1 now, insurance companies just put oun a list of talking points. the things they want real americans to say at these town hall events. here's your script, real people! written for you by the health insurance industry. which some trying to manufacture the appearance of grass roots opposition at all. if you don't feel like taking your talking points directly in the health insurance industry, how about a middleman? like, say, the organization freedom works. which sounds really grass roots. they have now published their own august recess action kit. your handy dandy guide for disrupting town hall meetings at a location near you. the kit actually begins with, dear friend of freedom, and it provides suggested questions that you might ask your local congressman. there's also very helpful google maps of upcoming town hall events. this kit brought to you by the head of freedom march, of course, former republican ho
Aug 6, 2009 5:00am EDT
with modified loans. lenders have not changed a single mortgage. bank of america modified 4% of eligible loans. wells fargo modified only 6%. colleges are offering green degree programs. more students are interested in the environment. a variety of programs will be popping up like a technical training to operate wind turbines. some universities are offering mba's in new areas. >> investors are waking up to headlines of aig. michelle steel joins us live with that story and the rest of the business news in the bloomberg news report. >> good morning. aig is well known for getting billions of dollars from the government. now the guy who led the insurance company for 38 years may be facing a federal government lawsuit. they may sue the executive. he was pushed out during a government probe into its business. they accused of hiding losses and inflating reserves. the government is weighing a reorganization of fannie mae and freddie mac. they may put it in a government supported corporation. no decision has been made yet on whether to go through with the good bank-bad bank option. stock futures are pr
Aug 7, 2009 11:00pm EDT
-span. this is c-span, public affairs programming, courtesy of america's cable companies. up next, we have president obama on a recent unemployment figures and then senator mel martinez announces his resignation. >> yesterday, the full senate confirmed judge sonia is a full supreme court justice. -- judge sonia sotomayor as a full supreme court justice. then, enter the home of the country's highest court. >> and now president obama on the july unemployment numbers will show a decrease for the first time since april of last year. this is about five minutes. >> good afternoon, everybody. i would like to see it -- say a few words about the state of our economy and we're doing to put americans back to work and build a new foundation for growth. last week, we received a report on america's gross domestic product. today, we are pointed in the right direction. we pull the financial system back from the brink and the markets are restoring value to the 401k's. we have reduced the home payments on mortgages, making homes more affordable. we have helped to revive the credit markets and open up loans
Aug 6, 2009 8:00pm EDT
billion"their brot america should be." this is a stunning ideology and turns law into politics. the president of the united states is breaking with centuries of american legal tradition to enter a new era where a judge's personal feel, about a case are as important as the constitution itself. the president's empathy standard is much more than a rhetorical flourish. it's a dangerous judicial philosophy where judges would base their rulings on social, personal, political, views. it's an attempt to sell, really, an old discredited activist philosophy by marketing it under a new label. it is this activist philosophy now under the guise of empathy that has led judges to ban the pledge of a becaus of allegianct contains "under god," and to create a new right for terrorists who attack the united states -- rights never before found in our country or any other country, while robbing american citizens of their own rights to engage in activities like even a silent prayer. that philosophy also helps explain request judge sotomayor's panel on federal judges allowed the city of new haven to
Aug 16, 2009 2:00am EDT
for an entire year. if we had eliminated the income tax and told every business and every worker in america that you do not have to pay income tax anymore, it could you imagine what kind of rocket fuel that would be for our economy? instead, we're putting solar panels on libraries and things like that that are not want to work. it is amazing because i always say that this is a sad thing to say. one trillion is the new billion. when i first came to washington in the 1980's, we talked about a budget in the millions of dollars. the we have moved from the millions of dollars to the billions of dollars. i think that one of the problems we face is that the numbers are so big that people cannot relate to that. here is something you can do to relate this to your friends and kids. the other day, my friend was asking me how much one trillion dollars was. can anybody tell me about how many zeros there are in a trillion? 12. here's what i told my son. i asked who the best basketball player in the world was and he said bryan james -- hughes said lebron james. i told him that james made $40 million a yea
Aug 4, 2009 10:00am EDT
, countrywide was sold to bank of america. the ability we had to affect countrywide in that time was very limited. >> i have another question. this relates to the point mr. bowman just made. as you said, 54 of the 69 banks that failed this year are state- chartered banks. i guess it is a historical anomaly why the fed supervises state chartered banks and mr. dugan supervises federally chartered banks -- when i first get to the banking committee in 1981, i didn't understand it. it just happened. let me ask mr. tarullo , most of the failed banks were not regulated by the supervisor or by ots. explain to me and this bair can answer as well. explain to me why the fdic and the fed should keep state- chartered supervision, particularly if we're giving the fed more responsibilities and other areas. if you think those functions should be kept apart, from the proposed national bank supervisor, why shouldn't at the very least merge fdic and the fed supervision of this state chartered bank? >> can i ask the panel to try to answer quickly? >> i will ask unanimous consent that each panelist be asked t
Aug 7, 2009 6:00am EDT
, middle america rose up against that amnesty against, then cheered sarah palin when she was first appointed. there's a new militancy out there, joe, in the gop. >> i've got to say, mike barnicle, democrats always do this. democrats always will vote ideologically. if you look at barack obama voting against john roberts. clearly qualified to be supreme court justice. we republicans always took pride in the fact that we would grill a democratic nominee but then we would go ahead and, you know, we believed in advise and consent. if that's who the president wanted and they didn't fall short of the mark, we didn't look at ideology. that changed yesterday. and i'm just going to say, just cynically, politically i think republicans could have picked a nominee that wasn't the first hispanic woman to show what pat buchanan calls the new militancy. >> yesterday's vote may be a forerunner, a harbinger of the vote on straight ideological party lines. >> as you might expect president obama led the praise for soug sotomay sotomayor. >> justice, equality, and opportunity are the very ideals that h
Jul 31, 2009 8:00pm EDT
and new conveniences. america's minerals. they're the sff dreams are made of. the's more information at >> corpate funding for "washington week" is so provided by boeing. jor funding for "washington week" is rovided by the annenberg undation, the john s. and james l. knght foundation, the coporation for publ broadcasting. and b contrutions to your pbs station from ewers like you. thank you. once again, live from washington, modetor gwen ill. gwen: good evening. six months in, appears thingsn washington are mor complicatethan clear. the presdent's poll nmbers are uniformly headeddown. his health re plan is snaged in t house and senate a the succs of is conomic recovery plasubject to debate. vi president joe biden speaking in chicago tday to the national urban league to fend it. >> housi starts are up for this month. doeshat mean we're out? no. do that mean there won' be more foeclosures? no. but we'rebeginning to movin the direction we have . th unemploymt rate sill i ucceptably high. but not growing nearly as fast. less good is not good but less good is better han worse. gw
Aug 5, 2009 5:00pm EDT
. >> all made right here in the u.s. of day. right here in america. >> when mr. obama came to here in february, kicking off the stimulus plan, unemployment was 15.3%. now it is 16.8%. more americans are telling pollsters that they feel left out. president obama told nbc he is aware. a problem that he is trying to fix. >> rescued the economy from the brink, and you are starting to see unemployment dropped a little bit. >> protesters are interrupting democratic events. upstate new york, house majority leader. pennsylvania senate democrat arlen specter. >> we have to make adjustments and very fast. >> in an advertisement, the democratic party claims the destructions are organized by republican leaders. >> they have called out the mob. >> president obama took a shot. >> suddenly they are blaming the other folks. >> he is sending out his vice president and cabinet officials to give a lot more stimulus funds and talk up recovery. republicans are urging conservatives to dog every democrat to confront them on the economy and on health care. >> it is a dangerous trend on waterways. more vot
Aug 1, 2009 5:00am EDT
and new conveniences. america's minerals. they're the stuff dreams are made of. there's more information at >> corporate funding for "washington week" is also provided by boeing. major funding for "washington week" is provided by the annenberg foundation, the john s. and james l. knight foundation, the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. once again, live from washington, moderator gwen ifill. gwen: good evening. six months in, it appears things in washington are more complicated than clear. the president's poll numbers are uniformly headed down. his health care plan is snagged in the house and senate and the success of his economic recovery plan subject to debate. vice president joe biden speaking in chicago today to the national urban league to defend it. >> housing starts are up for this month. does that mean we're out? no. does that mean there won't be more foreclosures? no. but we're beginning to move in the direction we have to. the unemployment rate still is unacceptably high. but not growing nearl
Aug 6, 2009 6:30pm EDT
. >> couric: the senate confirms sonia sotomayor. and hispanics all over america celebrate the first latina on the u.s. supreme court. i'm katie couric. all the tonight, the economy continues to lose jobs. and now hundreds of thousands of americans are in danger of losing their unemployment benefits. with the first day of school around the corner, what the government says principals and parents should do to deal with an outbreak of h1n1. and a mystery on the california coast. why are sea lions beaching themselves in record numbers? captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. president obama says it's a wonderful day for america. his reaction to the senate confirming the first hispanic ever nominated to the u.s. supreme court. sonia sotomayor. the vote was 68-31. all the democrats and two independents voted yes. nine republicans also voted to confirm sotosaying even if they didn't agree with all her views she was qualified. she'll be sworn in saturday as the 1 11thth justice, and only the third woman to serve on the nation'
Aug 12, 2009 10:00am EDT
,000 has to buy insurance. the republicans stance is that this is freedom in america, they should not have to pay. you have to buy auto insurance to drive an automobile. why should these people not by insurance and then go to the hospital and we have to pay for it? host: republican line from florida. caller: i just wanted to make a comment, i just turned you on and i live in fort lauderdale. my brother turned out gay, he blamed my mother. here in wisconsin back in the old days and no one talked about it. but we do not care. i have been around gay people and i think people are overreacting. i don't know the financial aspect of giving them marriage, but i think it is dumb. why not? it is a small minority of people, ante in terms of giving them their rights, who cares? -- and in terms of giving them their rights. gay people are fun, they are funny, that there are lots of good things about their community. if people would break down the barrier and spend time with gay people, they are just a little bit different, but one thing i wanted to say was when i served in the military my first sergeant
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